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Living and Working in Japan

Scenario: Soon after graduating from college you are employed by a multi-national company with major offices in Tokyo, Japan. You learn the hard way how to behave, what unstated company rules are, and how to get along with your Japanese co-workers. You are so successful that the company wants to expand operations in Japan, and they want you to write the company handbook for American employees living in Japan.

The Task-A Company Handbook for American Employees in Japan:

  1. Cover-Put the name of the company and identify what they make. Choose a real company that makes a product from the list of "Best Export Opportunities for American Firms."
  2. Title page-Choose an interesting title for your book (one book on Americans living in Japan was called Learning to Bow), put your name as the author, put your teacherís name as the publisher along with the period (example: Demonet Publishing Co., Period 5, copyright-February 25, 2000).
  3. Table of Contents-List all the chapters, other sections, give each chapter an appropriate title, list the page numbers.
  4. Preface-Write a scenario for your education and subsequent employment. Tell about the company and your trials and tribulations when you first came to Tokyo to work. You may use some of the real incidents from Learning to Bow.
  5. Chapter 1-The Japanese Office: This section will explain the environment, office hours, protocol, arrangement of the physical environment and how it differs from the American office, treatment of women in business (OL-office lady), team work, etc.
  6. Chapter 2- How to be Successful in Japanese Business-Negotiations, dress, business cards (Meishi), Hanko, gift giving to business colleagues, entertaining business colleagues, understanding hierarchy and seniority, language and correct terms, work hours, etc.
  7. Chapter 3- Your Japanese Co-Workers or "Salaryman": Explain something about their lives, education, religion, families, marriage, customs, school cliques, same year group (dokikai)etc.
  8. Chapter 4-Living in Japan-Shopping, food, housing, dating, commuting (subways), railways (shinkansen or bullet train), vending machines, bathing, etc.
  9. Chapter 5-What to do on your rare time off-Places to visit (major cities), entertainment (karaoke, pachinko), recreation, shopping, vacations, holidays, sports (sumo and baseball), climbing Mt. Fuji, etc.
  10. Chapter 6-Your choice-some suggestions are: Interview someone who has lived in Japan, do a glossary of Japanese sayings, write about some Japanese customs, Japanese dress, arts and crafts, Japanese cartoon movies, etc.
  11. Bibliography

Other Requirements:

Links to Sites on the Internet:

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