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WWII Commemorative Edition

You are to create a commemorative Time Magazine that will be published at the end of 2001. Your magazine should have the following sections:

1. Cover -  The cover should be a picture of someone important in World War II.  Inside the magazine should be a cover story about that person and their contribution to the war. Also on the cover, highlight 3 other stories that will appear in your magazine.

2. Battlefronts - You need to cover at least 5 major battles of WWII. (D-Day and a Pacific battle must be two of the battlefronts covered) Be creative, interview soldiers or commanders and use pictures and maps.

3. U.S. at war - You must cover two of the effects the war had on Americans at home: rationing, women and the war effort,  changing roles of African Americans etc.

4. Books, Cinema, Music - Choose one area and write a review of a popular artist, book, movie, song etc.

5. Japanese Internment - Write one article on the reasons behind the internment of Japanese Americans.

6. Choose one of the Following:

Fashion - Design an Ad.
People - Choose at least 3 people to highlight. (movie star, athlete, artist etc..)
Advertisement - Create an advertisement that would have been used to sell a product or service during WWII.
7. Science

8. Surprise me

9.  Editorial
You must turn in all notes. For each section you must have 1/2 page of notes. (there are a total of 15 sections, so you will have 7 1/2 pages of notes). Put the section on the first line of your notes. For each new source, list it in the margin (URL #, title of book and Pg #'s used, etc. ) You must use a minimum of 7 sources, three of them being from books in the classroom.  All articles must be created by the student to be counted. You must work on this project the entire time given in class for full credit. It is important that all items display historical accuracy and authentic detail.

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