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General Latin American Resources
                          Consumer buying power map is depicted by dots.

Virtual Library of Latin American Studies
This great site lists information by the name of the Latin American country and then by subject.
You can choose the subject index and then search under business, food, human rights, labor,
food, music, agriculture, immigration, maps, etc. for specific information.

Resources for Teaching about Latin America

Yahoo Regional Search of Countries
All countries maintain information on doing business in their country under government web sites.
You can also e-mail them for information and sometimes to answer questions that you cannot find
the answer to after extensive research (don’t ask FAQ’s).

CIA 2000 World Factbook

Find geographic and demographic information for each country. This is a fantastic site for any data or comparison charts.

This comprehensive reference on geography and cultures is updated daily and provides easy and
timely access to information on regional travel, entertainment, local business, government, and
community services.

Online Map Creation
The Online Map Creation site lets you draw simple maps interactively. You give the borders of
the desired map and specify options, and a map will show up on your Web page

Online Intelligence Project
This site links to international news, commerce, and reference resources on the WWW.
Various sections also link to familiar US/UN resources such as the State/Defense
Departments, World Bank, and so forth.

Lonely Planet Travel Guides Web Site
Click on the map until you get the precise country and then you can click on individual cities to find information about travel destinations.

Xerox Parc
Make an outline map by clicking on a map at the Xerox Parc web site. Just click on the site until
you get the exact area that you want. Click blue links below the map and put in borders and
geographical details. Print out and add any other information.

Excite Travel Web Site-South America
Choose the country that you want by clicking on the map. Get information on travel, weather, currency exchange, cities, tourist attractions, etc.

The McDonald's web site has links to McDonald's restaurants around the world with information on their unique menu's and other information.

Business News Latin America
An online business newspaper that deals with oportunities, laws, investments, and other information.


CNN Americas Web Links
Web sites from CNN with links to news and informations sources.

Latin American Links from the University of Nebraska

Latin American Map Selections

BYU Latin American Page
Click on the Country you are interested in on the map and you will find information on the money, cities, tourist information, etc.

Latin American Report

Latin American Data Base

America's Food and Beverage Directory

AHS Geography Links