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Latin American Marketing Project

Scenario: Your team of marketing experts has been assigned by a major American fast food
company to study the feasibility of selling their product in Latin America. Each marketing team will
be assigned a company and a Latin American country to investigate. Your group will then make
an oral presentation to the C.E.O. and recommend whether your company should enter the Latin
American market.

Rationale: Moving into a foreign market requires extensive research. Each country has different
customs, laws, and tastes. Companies often market their products quite differently in foreign
countries. They often find that the names of products used in the United States are offensive or
silly when translated. They find that they must alter their products in order to conform to local
tastes or to comply with certain laws. Companies must offer different products to meet the
challenge of a new market. Employers have to be aware of customs and laws in dealing with
employees. Businesses must determine whether there is even a market for their product or if they
can create one through advertising.

Assignment: In order to determine the feasibility of the major expenditure of moving into the
Latin American market, your team must do a complete analysis of the country and what you will
need to produce, market, and advertise your product. There will be four parts to your groupís
oral report, each will be the responsibility of a different expert.

Part I-Cultural Expert

Part II-Production Expert

Part III-Marketing Expert

Part IV-Advertising Expert

Honors: All honors students will present a written report with a bibliography and footnotes in addition to the oral presentation.  There will only be three members in each honoros group and everyone in the group will collaborate on part four, creating the commercial and print ad.

Grading: You will be graded on the degree to which you accomplished all ten requirements set
forth for your role. You will also be graded on presentation skills which we will discuss. Each
student will turn in a check off sheet with their evaluation of their completion of the requirements.

General Latin American Internet Resources that will help your team

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