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Advertising Expert: You must make a commercial and print ad that uses your knowledge of the culture and statistical information about your country.

You are required to:

   1. Study the demographic information and consult with the marketing expert to choose a
     target buyer for the commercial for your product. Work with the marketing expert to write
     a description of the target buyer of your product. Include age, income, type of job,

   2. Design a print ad with your target buyer in mind to place in magazines or news papers. Use
     the language of the country.

   3. Write a script for a TV commercial to sell to your target buyer. Make sure that it will not
     be more than one minute in length. Donít forget to plan stage directions, narration, music,
     graphics, etc.(Your target market or target buyer is the  typical person you expect to buy your product. You should decide what age group, income range, whether it is an city or country dweller, etc.  For example:  Mc Donald's make commercials about Happy Meals to target little kids (1-8)  from working class and middle class families with working parents who go to movies and are more concerned about convenience than health).

   4. Choose a hero or celebrity (real, mythical, or literary) to endorse to your product and
     appear in your commercial (explain who you chose and why in paragraph form).

   5. You should use music or a jingle that is culturally appropriate (research the type of music,
     instruments, and/or musical themes). Explain what music you chose and why.

   6. You should incorporate the changes in the menu and packaging that the marketing expert
     has made has made in your commercial.

   7. Make sure that your commercial is sensitive to the culture by checking with several people.
     List at least 3 people you checked with and why they are qualified. Do not use cheap
     humor or cultural stereotypes.

   8.Your commercial should be in the language of the country, but most commercials have very
     few words. Write an English translation of your Spanish or Portuguese commercial. Have a
     speaker of that language check your commercial script (a language teacher would be

   9. Video tape the commercial (with the help of the marketing expert) to be shown with the
     groupís oral report.

  10. Arrange all your information in a portfolio to present to the CEO (also known as the
     teacher), and present your commercial to the class with explanations.

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