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Cultural Expert: You must prepare this section of the report and advise the other members of your group on culture. Your job is to interpret the statistics and other factual information to give us the real picture of the country.

You are required to do these things:

   1. Make a timeline of history of your countryís important events (list a minimum of 20, make
     sure that you have at least 5 in the twentieth century).

   2. Make a table of information on the political situation including type of government and
     names of officials (see CIA World Factbook 2000)

   3. Do a concise report on a recent political, economic crisis, and/or anti-American attitudes.
     This should be in paragraph form.

   4. Make a map of the geographical features, major cities (the population of cities should be
     shown by symbols), major roads and railways, and a legend.

   5. Research any tourist attractions that may make an advantageous location for your
     company. Show these on the map above and write a concise paragraph about each.

   6. Write one paragraph each about two major holidays (religious, national or historical) and
     how they are celebrated (religious or historical holidays that are celebrated nation wide).
     Explain how your company may use a holiday theme to sell your product.

   7. Research etiquette and make a list or cartoons about 10 dos and doníts for people to
     follow when doing business in your assigned country.

   8. Interview someone with first hand knowledge of the country in person or by e-mail and
     report on what they say (one paragraph minimum).

   9. Report on any human rights problems, rebellions or dissident groups that may cause
     instability in your country (one paragraph minimum).

  10. Arrange all your information in a portfolio to present to the CEO (also known as the
     teacher) and make an oral presentation to the class with your group using PowerPoint.

Derechos-Human Rights

Amnesty International-Human Rights

Chiefs of state and cabinet members of foreign governments

International Affairs Resources

General Latin American Resources