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Marketing Expert: You need to work with the cultural expert to determine how best to market your product. You are in charge of how the product will be altered, what new products will be added to the menu, how to package your product. Work closely with the production expert to determine the products and packaging. Work with the advertising expert on the commercial.

These are your requirements:

   1.You will modify the menu for the Latin American market. You will change at least two
     products for the tastes of this country (add spices, condiments, sauces). Add at least two
     items that are national dishes or beverages to the menu. Determine what beverages are
     legal and customary. Explain why you made these changes and additions in paragraph form.

   2. Determine the cost of each item in the currency of the country and determine if this is a
     competitive price.

   3. Make a mock up of a sample menu. The menu should list and describe each item in terms
     that would appeal to the customer, include pictures, and the price in the national currency.
     You may make your menu in English for later translation.

   4. Make a mock up of the packaging and explain the changes that you made. This should be
     consistent with the product but incorporate language, symbols, color, and environmental
     laws (some countries outlaw Styrofoam and plastic).

   5. Report about at least 3 other fast food businesses in your assigned country and explain how
     you will beat the competition in paragraph form.

   6. Report on who your market (who will go to your restaurant) will be and list the names of 5 magazines or newspapers that you will publish advertisements in and explain why based on who reads these publications.

   7. Show on a map where you will locate your first 3 outlets and explain why.

   8. Tell about 3 cultural taboos that you will avoid-food, serving customs, male/female
     relations, words or phrases, etc. Tell what hours you will have your outlet open and what
     when you will have your peak traffic hours (meals are eaten at different times in different

   9. Write a description of who your target buyer will be.  (Your target market or target buyer is the  typical person you expect to buy your product. You should decide what age group, income range, whether it is an city or country dweller, etc.  For example:  Mc Donald's make commercials about Happy Meals to target little kids (1-8)  from working class and middle class families with working parents who go to movies and are more concerned about convenience than health). Work with the advertising expert on the production of the commercial to target that person.

  10. Arrange all your information in a portfolio to present to the CEO (also known as the
     teacher), and make an oral presentation to the class with your group using PowerPoint.

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