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Production Expert: You must find out what you will need to make your product in Latin
American and how you will get it. You will need to research which raw materials are available,
and whether they are up to your standards and price. You will also determine where the product
will be made.

You are required to do these things:

   1. Make a pie chart or bar graph showing the chief agricultural products of your country.
     Answer the question whether you can get the ingredients for your products locally.

   2. Make a population pyramid that shows the ages and gender of the population or a map
     showing population density.  Write an interpretation of what this data shows.

   3. Make a pie chart or bar graph showing demographic data such as ethnic groups, numbers of foreign workers, or income groups. Include a one paragraph explanation of who these groups are.

   4. Research economic and population statistics including (population, population growth,
     literacy, per capita income, GDP). Make a table, graph, and/or cartogram of these figures
     and compare these figures to the United States. (See CIA World Factbook)

   5. Interpret the statistics in number four to research the population-what is the break down of
     the population as far as age, sex, number of foreign workers, per capita income? Explain
     who your labor market will be in management, marketing and production and compare it to
     the U.S. market. Write in paragraph form.

   6. Find out about laws for foreign companies doing business in your assigned country. Find
     out how NAFTA may affect your company. Report on this information in a list or

   7. Labor laws and cost-how much will you pay, how many hours can they work, what are the
     restrictions, holidays? Report on this in a list.

   8. List some 5 customs you must be aware of for your employees.

   9. Make a map to show where you will locate your production and distribution facility and
     explain why the transportation, access to ingredients, labor pool, etc. are advantageous in a
     written paragraph.

  10. Arrange all your information in a portfolio to present to the CEO (also known as the
     teacher), and make an oral presentation to the class with your group using PowerPoint.

North American Free Trade Agreement Resources-NAFTA

USAID-Merchandise Trade with Latin America
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