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Go to history and find the best pictures for the war years.
Britannica Oscars Article

Skip the lengthy introduction and look up the war years.

Science and Inventions 

Decoding Nazi Secrets
Science Pitches In

Atanasoff-Berry Computer

Harvard MarkI Computer

Neutronic Reactor-Enrico Fermi

Konrad Zuse, Inventor of the First Freely Programmable Computer


Robert H. Rines, Inventor of Sonar and Radar

How Radar Works

Radar and WWII

Post World War II 

Yalta Agreement
Trumanís notes fromPotsdam

The Importance of Yalta and Hirshima

Truman Library

Truman Doctrine,5716,613159,00.html

Britain-Economic Crisis and Relief,5716,120048+14,00.html

Marshall Plan,5716,483664,00.html

Marshall Plan-CNNís The Cold War

Iron Curtain-CNNís The Cold War

Berlin-CNNís The Cold War

THE HOLOCAUST -The Holocaust
3RD REICH Hitler

General History Links Battles of WWII
Homefront Encyclopedia
A good general look at World War II with links filed under letters of the alphabet.The entries are very brief.

Japanese Internment Links on Japanese American Internment


Rosie the Riveter and other World War II Heroes


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